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Astrological Remedies For Miscarriage

Astrological Remedies For Miscarriage or to avoid miscarriage can be called remedy for recurrent miscarriage in astrology. You can use our miscarriage prediction astrology for protection against miscarriage.

Astrological Remedies For Miscarriage

Astrological Remedies For Miscarriage

You can fight the painful moment of losing your unborn baby. In this respect, you should use astrological remedies for miscarriage.

As Such, Consider These Remedies;

  • Visit a Lord Ganesha temple with your husband. Also, take a red coloured thread with you. Seek Ganesha’s blessings. Again, place the thread before Ganesha. Pray that it becomes your Raksha Bandhan for your child. On returning, tie it around your waist or right arm. After your delivery ties it around your baby’s right arm. Keep it for 18 months. Then, immerse it in flowing water.
  • Again, take the milk and Khandsari sugar in equal quantities in 2 vessels. A pregnant woman should touch them with her hand. Then, tie a cloth over the vessels to cover them. Finally, keep them safely within the house. Post-delivery donates them to a temple.
  • Furthermore, look for planetary malfunctioning. Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu can aspect the 5th house or the 5th As the 5th house lord, Mars is weak and combines with the malefic Rahu. It is also placed in the 12th house. You should, hence, recover them.
  • You should also get rid of pitta dosh, especially on no moon days and Saturdays. For this drink amla juice regularly. Also, worship your ishta Also, do harivansh puja path. Regularly perform Sanatan Gopal strotam path in front of laddoo Gopal. Also wear strotam yantra. Wear Bichhoo ghaas around your neck to remove ni-santaan dosha.

Therefore, you should apply astrological remedies for miscarriage.

Astrological Remedies To Avoid Miscarriage

Astrological remedies to avoid miscarriage will make you happy once again. You can also avoid recurrent miscarriage.

Hence, Try These Remedies;

  • Before marriage, you should check your kundali. Mars and Venus should be in their proper places. Besides, improve the negative Mars, Venus and Jupiter. Try to keep Mars healthy. Also, wear a berunj or petuniya in silver on the little finger on a Monday. It will improve your Venus.
  • Again, a woman should cover a glass bottle with orange cellophane. Then, fill it with water and secure the lid tightly. Next, keep it on a wooden base in the sun for 11 days. After that, drink it thrice a day. It will cure your irregular menstrual cycle.
  • A man, on the other hand, should eat ladies finger. However, do not eat the seeds and overcook it. It will improve the semen’s fertility. Also, it will make your child strong and healthy.
  • At first, establish a crystal shiva linga on a Monday. Then, regularly do abhishek with cow’s milk. Besides, chant a Shiva mantra for 540 times. Again, worship Him with dhatura. You can do this unique remedy during Shravan mash.
  • Furthermore, a couple should together tidy up their home temple. A woman can do sunderkaand path Also, avoid red clothes. Again, apply a tilak of white sandalwood and Kesar. You can also use turmeric instead of sandalwood. Avoid cold drinking water and spicy food.

Thus, you can effectively use astrological remedies to avoid miscarriage.

Remedy For Recurrent Miscarriage in Astrology

Remedy For Recurrent Miscarriage in Astrology, Look for treatment for recurrent miscarriage in astrology. You can easily overcome the devastating experience.

In This Regard, Apply These Remedies;

  • Visit a Ganpati temple with your husband. Also, take a red thread and apply saffron tilak on it. Now, place it before the Ganpati idol. Simultaneously, pray that it becomes the Raksha Bandhan for your child. Later, tie in around your waist. You can also wear it in your right-hand arm. After delivery ties it around your baby’s right arm. After 11 months, flow it in water.
  • You can also water a Peepal tree except on Thursdays and Sundays. Offer banana to crows and beggars. Again, give yellow sweets to crows. Also, chant a beej mantra for 16,000 times for 40 days. All these will appease Jupiter and make it beneficial for your conception.
  • Again, a pregnant lady should avoid depressing movies or shows. You should also avoid dark and drab clothes. Besides, avoid paintings with negative feelings and thoughts. Do not keep bonsai and thorny plants in your home. You should not even use a bathroom under the staircase or a beam. Also, avoid sleeping under a beam.
  • Furthermore, a pregnant lady should meditate in the morning. You should sit in a North-East room with abundant UV rays. You should keep fresh flowers in your place to attract positivity. After getting pregnant a couple should sleep in a South-West bedroom.

Thus, you can use a remedy for recurrent miscarriage in astrology.

Miscarriage Prediction Astrology

With miscarriage prediction astrology, you can avoid unwanted mishaps. Hence, you can prepare yourself for a healthy baby.

As Such, Learn These Facts;

  • In your birth chart, Panchmesh can be weak and malefic. Moreover, it can combine and stay with a negative planet. This can result in unsatisfactory childbirth.
  • A woman’s 5th house can be weak. As a result, she will have inflexible moods and behaviour. This will create troubles in pregnancy. Hence, you should improve it for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Again, Mars, Venus and Jupiter can negatively influence your pregnancy. Along with malefic Rahu, a weak Mars can aspect 5th house or 5th It is also present in your 12th house. You should strengthen your Mars. Besides, Venus can cause hormonal imbalance. You can wear berunj or petuniya to improve it. Wear it in silver on your little finger. You can chant a beej mantra for Jupiter. Do it for 16,000 times in 40 days.
  • The presence of 7 and 9 in your date of birth can indicate a miscarriage. You should also analyse the strength of 2nd, 5th and 10th houses in your horoscope. Also, check for the position of Mars for blood pressure and miscarriage.
  • Again, your 5th house can be in Trik Bhava (6th, 8th and 12th). It can be in conjunction with malefic planets. Moreover, they can aspect your 5th Again, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu can aspect 5th house or 5th lord.

Therefore, you should effectively use miscarriage prediction astrology.

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