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Astro Remedies For Child Behaviour

Astro Remedies For Child Behaviour or mantra to make child obedient is our services, here we will provide you totke to control son. You can use our astrological remedies for stubborn child.

Which Astro Remedies Use For Child Behaviour?

If you are worried about your child’s behavior and nothing seems to discipline him, then you can try some Astro remedies. Children can be naughty at times, but when it becomes a problem when things go out of hand.

It is not always the child’s fault. The stars might be incorrectly aligned for this behavior. In such cases, Astro remedies for child behavior can help.

Before trying these remedies, try to ascertain your child’s nature. Is he naturally naughty, or has the naughtiness increased recently? Is he becoming more and more disobedient by the day? Does he or she listen to his parents or teachers? If no, you can try these remedies.

Astro Remedies For Child Behaviour

Astro Remedies For Child Behaviour

If your child is very disobedient, ask him to stand in front of Lord Ganesha every day. Ganesha is known for his intellect. He will bless the child and increase his intelligence.

There is another remedy which you can try.

  • Do this on a Saturday night when the child is sleeping
  • Cut three to four strands of hair from the top of the child’s head
  • Then, the next morning, wrap the hair in a clean piece of paper
  • Then, burn the paper
  • After that, take one spoonful of poppy seeds
  • Read the Gayatri Mantra over it
  • Then, roast the poppy seeds in two spoons of pure ghee
  • Mix the mixture with milk and give it to the child to drink
  • Do this for 40 days.
  • You will see your child calming down in a few days.

Which Mantra Use To Make Child Obedient?

Mantra To Make Child Obedient, It is okay for children to play around and do what they want from time to time. But too much of this can lead to uncontrolled behavior. At times, some children throw tantrums, and they get into mischievous acts every time to gain attention. You can try the following remedies.

  • Do this every Tuesday and Saturday
  • Make the child shower and wear clean clothes
  • Then take him to Hanumanji’s temple
  • Teach him to pray to Lord Hanuman
  • After that, take the vermillion from the left leg of Hanuman Ji and apply it on his forehead
  • This will reduce the child’s anger and calm him down.

At times, the child is unnecessarily naughty due to the influence of the Moon. To combat this, make the child wear a silver bangle or Kada. You can also take some copper coins and place them in the house temple. Every morning, after the prayers, touch the coin to the forehead of the child.

One of the best ways of regulating a child’s behavior is to insist on spending time with the elders. Then, they incorporate their wisdom, even if passively. It is said that spending time with elders reduces the negative influence of planet Jupiter.

The planet Saturn is associated with justice. This planet cannot tolerate injustice, which is why one should do good deeds like feeding the poor to compensate for any injustice they might have done. It would help if you taught your child the same. Teach them to be loving, kind, and compassionate. This will reduce the negative aspects of Saturn on the child.

Which Totke Use To Control Son?

Totke To Control Son, When children start growing up, they listen less and less to their parents. It becomes even difficult to control the boys. Other boys of their age influence them and they often behave rudely with elders and throw caution to the wind. Here are some things which you can try.

If you want your son to be quieter and more imaginative, then you should make the influence of Venus strong.

  • It would help if you did this by imbibing a sense of cleanliness in the child.
  • Venus is associated with good taste, culture, fashion, and a better lifestyle.
  • Do not let your son wear shabby clothes.
  • Teach him to be tidy at all times.
  • He should keep his things in their proper places.
  • All this will increase the influence of Venus on him.
  • You can also make him eat tapioca or Sabu dana to increase the influence of Venus.

If you see your son forgetting all the good things you told him about, then try a remedy to increase his memory.

  • Mix two teaspoons of boiled milk in water, which your son will bathe in. That will increase his memory.

Which Astrological Remedies Use For A Stubborn Child?

Astrological Remedies For A Stubborn Child, If your child refuses to listen to you and is very stubborn, then it could be due to the ill effects of planets on his birth chart. You can try a simple remedy to prevent that.

  • First, take some handfuls of grains of rice
  • Mix them with a teaspoon of turmeric
  • Every Thursday, the child should feed the mixture to the sparrows

This negates the ill effects of bad planets. Your child can also be stubborn due to pent up negative energy. He becomes inattentive and inconsiderate. To get rid of this energy, make his wear a bangle of Ashtadhatu or the eight metals. This helps in drawing out negative energy from the body.

It would help if you also encouraged your child to play more and go outside. Staying cooped up inside the house all day will reduce his confidence to face the world.

The planet Mars is responsible for courage, moral force, and to increase self- defense. That will strengthen the influence of Mars on the child. You can make the child wear a coral ring to increase the power of Mars.

Sometimes your child behaves erratically or even falls ill due to the evil eye. You can also try another remedy:

  • Take a betel leaf or a paan.
  • Then, take some red dried chilies
  • Wrap the chilies in the betel leaf and burn it
  • It will produce a very acrid smoke
  • Spread the smoke all over the child

It will take away the influence of the evil eye. If your child were behaving badly, he would calm down. He will recover if he had fallen sick. With these Astro remedies for child behavior, you will eventually have a well-disciplined child at home who will make you proud one day.

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