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Mantra To Make Enemy Surrender

Mantra To Make Enemy Surrender or to make enemy run away from home can be use to make enemy sick. Use our mantra to make enemy friend. In the life of every people, lot of problem comes from many ways. Meanwhile, they also get the solution of it somehow. When enemy problem comes in your life, then you must get the rid of it fast. Sometimes you feel like your nearest people like friends, colleagues, or neighbors are becoming your enemies because of their behavior change with you.

Mantra To Make Enemy Surrender

Mantra To Make Enemy Surrender

You automatically assume that something fishy is happening around you. You might get assume because every people have two faces, they try to hide their inner jealousy and issues with you. Before they create problems in your life, you should go with the mantra to make the enemy surrender as soon as possible.

Following mantras to make enemy surrender specified below for you and you have to learn these mantras

  • Baglamukhi Mantra: The most powerful mantra is Baglamukhi Mantra, popularly known as the black-magic mantra. Start it from Thursday evening, and to chant this mantra use yellow food, yellow clothes, and yellow fruits. Use a yellow woolen sheet for sitting and face east. Light a mustard oil lamp and offer yellow garland to maaBagalamukhi. After that, light incense and sprinkle holy water in your hand. Start praying with mantra, dhyan.
  • Surya Mantra: Before the sunset, you have to chant this mantra in the evening. Chant this mantra for 108 times at sunrise with rosary. Use this mantra every till getting results. In front of the lord Surya, you need to light the lamp and do aarti while chanting the mantra. Hence, the result will be effective.

Mantra To Make Enemy Run Away From Home

Mantra To Make Enemy Run Away From Home, Enemy in life can make you hurt a lot through their bad intension of hurting you. They always try to make your life worst. It would help if you had to be aware of any enemy activities happening around you. To save yourself from the enemy bad intentions, you should prefer the mantra to make the enemy run away from home.

You will not only gain the enemy free life, but also a lot of problems will overcome. Your home will be free from the enemy once you used the effective mantra specified for you.  The mantras to make enemies run away from home are helpful for you and few mantras mentioned below.

  • Shani Mantra: Every morning, you have to chant the ‘Shani Mantra’ by pronouncing the word slowly and clearly. While chanting this mantra, keep concentrating.
  • Hanuman Mantra: To remove the enemy from home, you should also prefer the ‘Hanuman Mantra’ in every morning. You have to chant this mantra for 108 times.
  • Shabar Mantra: In the ShuklaPaksha, you need to use Shabar Mantra for ‘Uchchatan,’ which is mostly used when you are under the spell of your enemy. To chant this mantra, you can use silver foil yantra; otherwise, you can also use white paper. Use pomegranate pen and saffron or turmeric ink. After completing mantra chanting, you have to wash it with holy water.
  • Stambhan Mantra: Use the very rare ‘Stambhan’ carefully and write it in bhojpatra. You have to sing it for 1000 times by taking the name of your enemy after each song. It should be done in secret.

Mantra To Make Enemy Sick

Mantra To Make Enemy Sick, If you are worried about enemy problems in your life and want to make the enemy sick, then the mantra to make enemy sick will be useful for you. There is a lot of practitioners or specialist who deals with this problem by mantra methods. It would help if you went with this solution, and you will be successful in this. We will provide you tantra mantra for revenge to sick your enemy.

Only the experienced practitioner can do this method of practicing the mantra. The ‘Amukam’ word used in this mantra should be replaced by the name of the enemy you want to make sick. Use Rudrakshajapa mala to chant the mantra.

Mantra should be performed at a very secret and isolated place by the experienced practitioner. There should not be any people for distraction. They should be careful while chanting because, due to any shortcomings or omissions, the result can be the opposite. Hence, the practitioner can face the sick infections, which will never be cured.

|| Om HoomHoom Sam Sam (Amukam) Fat Swaha ||

The mantra to make enemy sick specified above for you. This mantra can be chant due to performing the havan by the specialist. To perform this havan, they have to offer pieces of the wood of a Catechu tree, which should be dipped in the blood of any human being and poison. All these ingredients they have to offer in havan for 1000 times while chanting the mantra. Consequently, the result will be effective, and your enemy will become sick.

Mantra To Make Enemy Friend

Mantra To Make Enemy Friend, You always wish to have that one good friend in your life that always is with you in any situation. Many people do have. But due to some feeling of jealousy, many people become your enemy, which can destroy your life. It is all up to you to be careful from that type of person.

You can stop spreading enemies around you through some mantra remedies. Because having no enemies in life, you will survive with a lot of problems. So it would help if you had to apply mantra to make enemy friend. If your enemies become your good friend, then no obstacles will be in your life.

This is the most beneficial mantra which make enemy friend without harming anyone. Everything becomes perfect when you will have no enemy in your life, and everyone will be your friend. The jealousy problem will overcome after the formation of friendship.

|| Om AghoreAghore Karma Karale, Hum FattSwaha NetratramayaVaushat Om FattSwaha, AstrayaFattSwaha ||

The mantra specified above is the Mantra to Make Enemy Friend, which is a protection mantra. You have to chant this mantra for 108 times. For three days, you have to chant this mantra to get success in this method. While chanting the mantra, you need to keep in mind the picture of the enemy. Do it with complete concentration for better result as you want.

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