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How To Get Your Ex Back By Law of Attraction

How To Get Your Ex Back By Law of Attraction and how to get your ex boyfriend back using law of attraction will be solve here. We also solve how to get your ex girlfriend back through law of attraction? And how to make someone fall in love with you using law of attraction?

Get Your Ex Back By Law of Attraction

Law of energy is one of the biggest boons of the universe to us. Undoubtedly, it is the vast resource of cosmos that allows us to design our reality. Unquestionably, there are several books written explaining the law of attraction.

Also, some movies and documentaries tell us about the law of attraction. Now, the question is, how many of us know the exact mechanism of the law of attraction (LOA) to change our reality?

Mainly, LOA is based on the fact that you can get your desires in life. Primarily, you have to ask for your desires from the universe and receive it abundantly.

How To Get Your Ex Back By Law of Attraction

How To Get Your Ex Back By Law of Attraction

LOA plays an essential role in our love lives. Importantly, you can shape your love life, get someone you desire, and have an ultimate bond with the desired person forever.

You have to know the right techniques for that. It should be noted, and in this article, we explain some of the most powerful techniques of LOA to attract your love in life.

  • LOA does the following miracles to your love life:
  • Along with, it brings back your ex-lover/spouse/partner
  • Makes your lover/ex-lover/partner/spouse love you insanely
  • Moreover, it strengthens the bond of love between the two of you
  • Furthermore, it increases loyalty in the relationship
  • Also, LOA creates a never-ending bond between couples
  • As well as that, it reconciles a relationship after a break-up/separation/divorce

It can bless you with everything that you might ever dream of having in your love life.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Using Law of Attraction?

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Using Law of Attraction?, Here we present you the “Two Cup Method of LOA” to get your ex-boyfriend back in your life. It is the most tried LAW technique to reconcile a relationship. Trust me, and it works like magic.

  • Take two cups/glasses of the same shape and size (similar/ditto/twin cups or mugs), two sticky notes, some water and one pen
  • Importantly, sit at a quiet place and calm down your senses
  • At this time, concentrate and focus on your purpose/objective
  • Firstly, paste the two sticky notes on both the cups/mugs, whichever vessel you have
  • Now, write “Break-up with (Boyfriend’s Name)” and “Patch-up with (Boyfriend’s Name)” on each of the sticky note
  • Subsequently, pour water in the first glass which says “Break-up with (Boyfriend’s Name)”
  • Now, attract the universe to intervene in your prayer and make your expectation to be a reality
  • In addition to this, visualize life with your boyfriend after the patch up as you slowly pour the water from the one cup to the empty one
  • Undoubtedly, this is how you are changing your reality by shifting the water from one tumbler to the other
  • Your desired tumbler is getting filled with the energized element of nature
  • Close your eyes and feel the new reality
  • Indeed, drink this water and lock the feeling inside you

Note: You can use a piece of paper and stick it on the glasses if you don’t have a sticky note handy. Also, you can perform this every day till the time your wish gets fulfilled

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Through Law of Attraction?

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Through Law of Attraction?, Boys can also use the law of attraction to get back their ex-girlfriends back to their lives. Here we bring you another technique to use LOA in your life and get your desired love life. Please follow the steps below:

  • Take a yellow paper, a red-inked pen and a scissor
  • Cut the paper to form multiple small chits of paper
  • Write your wish on each of the chits using the red-inked pen
  • Make sure you write the wish in the present tense as if the wish is fulfilled
  • In this case, your wish will be like, “Finally (girlfriend’s name) is back into my life, and I am happy to the core.”
  • You can write your affirmation but make sure you have to write in a diction that suggests that your wish is already fulfilled and you are paying your gratitude for that
  • Please fold the paper chit and keep it between both your palms
  • Attract the cosmic energy to energize the wish and see the magic happening to you
  • Feel the vibrations in real and enjoy the happiness of getting your ex back to your life
  • Tears of joy may flow from your eyes when you feel the emotions
  • Be in this state of gratitude for some moment
  • Visualize your reunion with your ex-girlfriend for as much time as you can
  • Finally, bury the chit in soil and pray for it to grow and become a reality

How To Make Someone Fall In Love with You Using Law of Attraction?

How To Make Someone Fall In Love with You Using Law of Attraction?, Law of attraction allows you to make someone fall in love with you. You can choose someone in particular and use various LOA techniques to change your dream to a reality. Visualization is an essential aspect of LOA and its success.

You have to practice visualization and do it quite often. It is a simple technique, just like day-dreaming! Let us put forward the steps for you:

  • Sit at a quiet place
  • Make sure no one is there to interrupt in between
  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • You can also lie down on your bed or couch or even sit on a chair, whichever pose is convenient for you for a long time
  • Close your eyes and watch your breath
  • Feel the inhalation and exhalation
  • Imagine your worries and other negativities going out of your body and aura while you exhale and breath in positivity from the universe
  • Visualize the particular person to love you and be with you as your partner
  • You have all the liberty to make it a creative visualization depending on your expectations from the relationship
  • Also, you can imagine the abundance of love, care and attention in your life by the perfect life partner that you deserve
  • Feel every emotion it brings you to
  • Respond to every thought that comes to you
  • React spontaneously to the emotional changes you feel within you
  • Be in this state for as many minutes or hours you want to
  • You can do this as many times you want to do

This will bring your dreams to reality. Remember, we create everything in our mind first before we see that in our reality. Hence, LOA also creates your reality first in your mind, and then you see it happing to you in reality. Contact us for more tips on LOA, meditation, and visualization!

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