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Tantra Mantra For Revenge

Tantra Mantra For Revenge or to take revenge from enemy is a type of kali mantra to take revenge from cheating boyfriend. Solve problems like how to cast revenge mantra by vashikaran.

Enemies surround us all. Yes, some are known to us, and some are unknown. These enemies are jealous of our achievements and capabilities. Also, they envy our happy family life. Sadly, they are resentful towards our peace.

Tantra Mantra For Revenge

Tantra Mantra For Revenge

Hence, they create a nuisance in our lives. Also, they ruin our happiness. Do you want to take revenge on your enemies? Include tantra in your mission and destroy your enemies. Chant the following mantra on every Thursday for the best results.

“सर्ववाद प्रशमनं त्रैलोक्यस्य अखिलेश्वरी अवमेव त्वया कैमास्मद्वैरि विनाशम्”

“Sarvabadhaa Prashmanah TraiLokyasYaa Akhileshwari Avmev Tvaya Kaarya Masmdvairi Vinasham”

  • Wear yellow clothes during the procedure
  • Also, take an earthen pot and fill it with water
  • After that, put holy leave on it
  • Now, mark swastika with vermillion
  • Next, chant the mantra for 108 times
  • Surely, sprinkle this water on your enemy and around his/her house

This is a powerful mantra to destroy your enemies. It destroys all your secret enemies as well. Share your problems with us and allow us to help you. Of course, enemies can trouble you a lot.

Nevertheless, it would help if you protected your family from your enemies. Importantly, tantra gives you the power and strength to destroy your enemy. Also, you can use it to protect yourself from your hidden enemies.

Also, share your birth details for us to prepare your birth chart. It will help you to identify and locate your enemy.

How To Use Mantra To Take Revenge From Enemy?

Mantra To Take Revenge From Enemy, First of all, we wish you all power and strength to combat your enemies. Also, we promise our support to you in this difficult journey. Of course, this is a crucial time for you to remove your enemies from your life.

However, mantras work for you only when you have a clean heart. Also, do not attempt to chant these mantras to destroy anybody. Indeed, these mantras are for your protection, and you should use these responsibly.

Stambhan Mantra: Recite this mantra for 108 times to destroy your enemy. Of course, you can chant this powerful mantra every day until you get the desired results.

ओम क्रिमे हूम क्रैम सर्व शत्रु स्तम्भिने घोर कालिकायै चरण

Om Kreem Hoom Kreem Sarv Shatru Stambhinee Ghor Kaalikaayai Phat ||

Durga Saptashloka Mantra: As a matter of fact, this is the seventh and most powerful mantra in the Saptashloka Mantra. Yes, this is one of the most effective mantras ever created and used against enemies.

सर्वबधाप्रशमनः त्रैलोक्यस्याखिलेश्वरी | अविमेव त्वाया कैरामस्माद्वैरि विनाशनम् ||

Sarvabaadhaaprashmanah Trailokyasyaakhileshwari | Avamev Tvayaa Kaaryamasmdvairi Vinaashnam ||

Shani Mantra: Of course, we all are well aware of the powers of Shani Dev. Yes, his energies are strong enough to destroy your enemies.

ओम् सोर्यपुत्रं देवार्घदेवो विशालाक्षं शिवपराय | मन्दाचार्य प्रणस्नात्मानं पीडा हरतौ मे मे शानी निलांजना | संभसम रवय पटरम मम पश्चिमीगिरजम च मरतथना सम्भोतमं तं पुरुषं शनेशवरमम् ||

Aum sooryaputraa deerghdehooo vishaalaksh shivpraaye | Manddchaar prasaannnaatmaa peeda haratooo mein shani nilaaanjanaa | Sambhasamm ravee pootramm yammagraajamm chayyyaa maarthandaaa | Sambhoootamm tan namaamee shanaeeshvarammm ||

How To Use Kali Mantra To Take Revenge From Cheating Boyfriend?

Kali Mantra To Take Revenge From Cheating Boyfriend, You, it is impossible to forgive your cheater boyfriend. We can understand your emotional investment in the person. You have contributed a lot to the relationship.

Unfortunately, your partner cheated on you and left you. Do you want to take revenge on him? Contact us today and share your details. We will guide you through the entire journey and help you teaching your boyfriend a lesson.

मेरे चाहने वाले तू जो मुझसे दगा करें, मां काली तेरा संघार करें मैंने चाहा है तुझे जिंदगी भूलाकर, तुझे बर्बाद करेगी मां काली पास बुला कर

Mere chahne wale tu jo mujhse daga kare. Maa kali tera sanghar kare Maine chaha hai tujhe zindagi bhulakar Tujhe barbad karegi Maa kali pas bulakar

  • Importantly, wear red or black clothes during the prayer
  • Firstly, take a shower and wear neat and clean clothes
  • Indeed, keep your boyfriend’s photograph in front of you
  • Also, take some mud and make a ball
  • Now, place the ball in front of your boyfriend’s picture
  • After that, chant the mantra for 21 times
  • Moreover, imagine the conflict in your boyfriend’s life
  • Additionally, visualize your boyfriend lonely and broken in life
  • Finally, pray to Maa Kali to teach him the lesson he deserves
  • Chant the mantra for 21 days

Note: Girls should not perform the ritual during the days of their menses. Importantly, avoid those days, and please perform the mantra chanting till you complete 21 days.

How To Cast Revenge Mantra By Vashikaran?

How To Cast Revenge Mantra By Vashikaran, Without a doubt, use Vashikaran mantra on how to take revenge from your enemies. Moreover, include this practice in your everyday life and protect yourself.

Besides, protect your family from your hidden enemies. Unfortunately, your enemies can destroy your health and peace. Hence, you have to be careful about them. Clearly, please ensure that you and your family are protected.

Secret enemies can cause us more destruction in life. Sadly, we become vulnerable to these people. Importantly, safeguard your family with various Tantrik rituals., you can contact us for various Tantrik procedures.

Apart from this, follow us to know about various Tantrik rituals that protect you in life. Also, you can contact us for all other life problems. We are always there for you for any astrological counseling you require. Without a doubt, you can call us and talk to our online counselors. Along with, we prescribe you the right rituals to bring positive changes in your life.

Call us if you feel threatened by your enemies. Contact us if you face this situation in life. Yes, we can feel your situation. Besides, your enemies can do more harm to you with words than action.

Furthermore, you have to be ready with every protection. Unfortunately, some even pretend to be your friends and harm you secretly. They are more dangerous than any other enemy.

It should be noted, and invisible enemies are more dangerous. Importantly, seek astrological remedies for this. It will bring you good luck and keep your enemies away.

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Tantra Mantra To Get Rid of Enemies

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