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Mantra To Cure Family Problems

Mantra To Cure Family Problems can be use for family unity and for peace in family. If you want to remove family disputes then ask to our expert and get suitable mantra to resolve this problem.

Mantra To Cure Family Problems

Mantra To Cure Family Problems

Mantra is a Sanskrit word, which means the sacred Scripture to remember the mighty. These mantras performed by chanting softly and slowly, these mantras should chant with good intention and purity to cure family problems.

Astrology is the only subject which helps to remove all the problems in a person’s life by a person’s Zodiac symbol and their birth chart. Nowadays, the family is facing a lot of questions which can be solved only by astrology.

There are a lot of elements missing in a family such as peace, harmony, love, care, affection, etc. Even there are other problems as well apart from issues like property, money, education of children, the marriage of children, etc.

  • Cure Family Problems by the mantra: 

To solve such family problems we are going to suggest some solutions for it. Mantras that help you to solve family problems such mantras are:

  1. To cure the family problem, one should chant the Gayatri Mantra.

“Om Bhoor Bhuvah Svaha Tatsaviturvareëyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhee Mahi

Dhiyo Yonah Pracho Daya.”

  1. Chant Vedic Shanti Mantra

“Om Sahanaavavatu Sahanaubhunaktu




Maavidviñhaavahai Om

Shaantih Shaantih Shaantihi Hari Om”

  1. Spell Twameva Mantra

“Tvaameeva Maataa Cha PitaaTvaameiva

Tvaamevaa Bandhushcha SakhaaTvvameva

Tivaameva Vidyaadraviëam


Sarvam mama deva.”

Chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

“Om Trayam Bakam Yajaa Mahe,  Sugandhim Pushti Vardhana Urvaa Rukamiva Bandhanaat, MrityorMuksheeyaaamritaat”

  1. Mantra Om Poorna

“Omm Poornama Dah Poorna

Midam, Poornaat Poorna Mudachyete

Poornasya Poorna Maadaaya,

Poorna MevaavaShishyate,

Om ShaantihShaantihShaantihi”

  1. Shanti Path 

“Asatomaa sad-gamaya tamasomaaj yotirgamaya Mrityor-Maa Amritam Gamaya Saraveñhaam Svastir Bhavatu SaraveñhaamShaantir BhavatuPoorëam Bhavatu Saraveñhaam Maìgalam Bhavatu Lokaah Samastaah Sukhino Bhavantu Om Shaantih ShaantihShaantihi Hari.”

Mantra For Family Unity

Mantra For Family Unity, Unity is one of the element in a family which is also major missing nowadays. In the old era of our parents, our grandparents and parents told us the stories of their families, their neighbors like how they used to live together with each other.

How they save each other from problems or conflicts, kept an eye on their neighbor house when their neighbors left, solve each other’s issues, and used to enjoy television on weekends. But in today’s time these all happy things have already disappeared not only from the neighborhood but from the family as well.

Unity is the element when all the family members stand next to each other in the good or bad times, when there is any problem arises, when there is any dispute happens in between the family member, they favor each other in such situations. But it has already missed in today’s time.

  • Remedies or Mantra For Family Unity

Here we bring some remedies or mantras for your family, by which your family always supports you in your every good or bad time and stand next to you in every situation of yours.

At the entrance of your home, lit a lamp in the morning and evening every day and time of cleaning, put some turmeric in the water and mix it thoroughly then wash the entrance of your home with such a mixture of water and turmeric. In the early morning try to play bhajans or chant mantras such as

  1. ||Om Namah Shivay||This mantra will give positive vibes in your home and family.

Mantras For Peace In A Family

Mantras For Peace In A Family, Peace is one of the elements which is also missing from not only missing from our family but from our lives as well. We can find a place with peace, but our peace of mind is nowhere to find.

Nowadays, people or family also face a lack of peace. Every other house or home indulged into the conflicts, disputes, quarrels on various topics such as property, money, hatred towards another family member, endowment, and so on.

We lost the peace a long ago by which our anger starts growing more rapidly. Due to our passion, we do some most unexpected things which are known as crimes, yes we indulged into the various crimes such as theft or robbery in our own home, killing a person or our family member. This tent happens because of a lack of peace in our mind, heart, and souls or our home.

  • Some Remedies or Mantras For Peace In A Family
    To keep calm and Harmony in your family in your mind, heart, and soul. We bring best mantras for you, with the help of these mantras you can get peace of mind or order in your home and happiness in your family as well.
  • The Gayatri Mantra
    One should spell “Om BhoorBhuvahSvaha, TatsaviturvareëyamBhargoDevasyaDhee Mahi Dhiyo Yonah PrachoDaya.”
  • The Vedic Shanti Mantra
    user should chant “Om Sahanaavavatu Sahanaubhunaktu SahaveeryamKaravaavahai, TejasvinaavaDheetamastuMaaVidviñhaavahai Om ShaantihShaantihShaantihi Hari Om.”

The  Twameva Mantra
Tvamevamaataa cha pitaatvamevatvame vabandhushcha sakhaatvamevat vamevavidyaa draviëamtvamevat vamevasarvam mama deva deva.

Remove Family Disputes by Mantras

Remove Family Disputes by Mantras, Everybody wants to live happily with a peaceful life. People want a happy and friendly family.

The happy family depends on the various factors, most importantly, peace, harmony, love, affection, care, between all the family members. The happiness of the family can get interrupted because of the relationship problem between members of the family.

The bad relationship between the family not only affects the family relationships but also affects the social and professional relations.

Because of this, the family members start blaming one other. This issue happens due to lack of communication, different thoughts, lack of love, affection, peace, harmony, etc.

  • Mantras For Family Disputes

To solve such disputes or conflicts in a family, we bring some mantras to solve the family problem. These mantras will help you to maintain the dignity of the house and avoid the conflicts in a family.

Some remedies will bring peace and Harmony in a family. These mantras are easy to perform and simple.

  • a. Firstly, speak Om Hon Jun Sah for 108 times every day.
  • b. Secondly, the user must read Om Jun Sah.
  • c. Thirdly, Lord Shiv Mantra Om Namah Shivaya.
  • d. Fourthly, Om Mahayshidhi Mam PatiVashmanya Kuru KuruSwaha.
  • Procedure: Chant these mantras for at least 5 to 11 times for 21-31 days and to perform these mantra activities at night between 9 to 12 pm from start to end.

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