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Karya Siddhi Mantras To Get Own House

Karya Siddhi Mantras To Get Own House or to get desired house can be use for solving land problems. We will provide you totka to buy new house for your complete own house solution.

Karya Siddhi Mantras To Get Own House

Karya Siddhi Mantras To Get Own House

If you want to own a house, then Karya siddhi mantra to get own house is the right one for you. It also solves disputes of land and home. use our Karya Siddhi Mantras To Get Own House.

Accordingly, Consider These Mantras;

  • Durga Mantra provides you with your own house. It is effortless yet effective. Start it from your 1st First, sit in a quiet place. Then, visualize Goddess Durga. Now, recite four rosaries for nine days. Also, light a lamp before Her image. On the last day, cook some delicious meals. Next, distribute them to young girls along with some gifts.
  • You can also take refuge in Hanuman mantra. Begin on a Sunday. First, take a bath around sunset and visit a Hanuman temple. Now, sit in front of Hanuman idol. Then, chant His mantra for 1100 times a day. You can use a rudraksha mala.Finally, continue it for 40 days.
  • Again, keep a Shree yantra on a red cloth. Then, light a lamp and incense in front of it. Every day chant 1 Kamal Gatta mala of this mantra. Chant t for 10,000 times. After the sadhana, immerse the mala in flowing water. You can keep the Yantra in your home temple.
  • Furthermore, Ganesha mantra removes every obstacle in your life. Freshen up before beginning the prayer. You should start any Puja and a new venture or undertake only after chanting Ganpati mantra.

Thus, you should faithfully use Karya siddhi mantra to get own house.

Mantra To Get Desired House

Mantra To Get Desired House, Getting a satisfactory home is indeed tricky. However, the mantra to get desired house makes it possible. It works fast and thus provides effective results quickly.

As such, learn these mantras;

  • Use all-in-one Devi mantra to fulfill your wishes. It is the simplest of all Durga mantras. However, you need to perform different japa for different preferences. You can chant it anytime you want.
  • Moreover, it is easy to remember. You should face east while chanting. Do it for 108 times daily. Also, offer a lighted lamp and flowers to the goddess. Finally, thank Her for hearing and granting your prayers.
  • Again, you should chant Hanuman Mantra with utmost devotion. It is an all-round success mantra. You can do it on Tuesdays, Saturdays, Moola Nakshatra and Ekadashi days. You can offer Him black gram vadas, butter and bananas. Also, offer Him garland made of betel leaves. You can even give Him fragrant flowers. Use rudraksha or basil rosary to chant for 108 times.
  • Moreover, you can try the Shiva mantra. It boosts self-confidence. Again, it reminds you of the presence of divine energy within you. Hence, you should act accordingly.
  • Ganesha mantra is also useful. It increases your focus and clarity. Moreover, it destroys obstacles from your life. It aligns yourself with your desired outcome. First, take a bath. Then chant for 108 times daily for 48 days. Be regular and follow with utmost dedication.

Therefore, you should begin chanting a mantra to get the desired house.

Mantra For Land Problems

Mantra For Land Problems, Land disputes can be troubling and frustrating. Nevertheless, you can overcome them with the mantra for land problems.

In this regard, try these mantras;

  • Start this mantra on a Saturday. Continue it for the next 4 Saturdays. You can do it at any time during the night. Also, use a coral bead for chanting. First, prepare a Shira by mixing jaggery and oil in wheat flour. Then, face the south. Keep the Shira and a glass of water in front of you. Now, light a lamp and incense and chant for 1000 times. After its completion, take Shira and glass of water to a street corner. Now, remove the plate and keep shira there. Also, sprinkle water around it. Then, return home with an empty plate. Finally, take a bath and continue your day.
  • Take an aloe vera leaf. Keep it on the concerned land. Now, keep some turmeric, kumkum, and flowers on the leaf. The next day, go back to the land. Finally, throw the leaf in a garbage bin. It is a simple remedy to solve land problems.
  • You should also worship Goddes Lakshmi and Kshterapal. You can also perform specific pujas. They could stop land disputes effectively. You can free yourself from such issues. Again, you can gain from your sincere worshipping.
  • Again, you can use the Beej mantra to attain mental peace. You can easily overcome your enemies. Also, you can receive divine blessings.

Thus, you should conveniently try a mantra for land problems.

Totka To Buy New House

Totka To Buy New House, When you use a totka to buy a new house you can overcome unforeseen circumstances. You can fulfill your dream to buy a home.

As such, consider these simple totkas;

  • Take some wheat grains, few saffron sticks, and 11 Tulsi leaves. Now, powder them to prepare a paste. Finally, sprinkle it all over the house.
  • You can also take an earthen pot. Now, put few gold or silver coins in it. Then, cover them with rice or wheat grains. Now, cover the pot with a red cloth and tie it with a thread. Keep it in the north-west corner of the house. You can even place a square gold piece in the puja place of the house.
  • Again, buy a model of a small house. Now, get a square-shaped yellow silk cloth. Then, place the house model and a small Krishna idol in it. Now, light a desi ghee lamp in front of Krishna idol. Then, recite one mala of the mantra for 108 times. Finally, start it on Janmasthami.
  • Furthermore, they offer sugar sacrament on Tuesdays. Again, prepare ring mix with gold, silver, and copper. Wear it on the ring finger of the right hand. You can also donate red stone to a temple or a school. Also, you can feed lentils and corn sweets to your siblings. Besides, you can flow coins in running water on Saturdays. You can also serve dogs.

Therefore, a totka to buy a new house is easy, simple, sustainable and reliable.

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