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Tantra Mantra To Remove Black Magic

Tantra Mantra To Remove Black Magic, Human relationships have always been marred by greed, lust,and hostility.

Since our genesis, we learned to fight first before we learned to co-exist for the greater good. Given our selfish nature, it is natural that we often end up making enemies.

Tantra Mantra To Remove Black Magic

Tantra Mantra To Remove Black Magic

Be it for personal reasons or work reasons, there are individuals who believe in getting rid of their foes by any means possible.

Some even use black magic. And where there is an evil force, there’s a divine force to tackle it, just like the tantra mantra to remove black magic. If you feel that you or anyone you care about is a victim of such an evil spell, then you can protect yourself and your loved ones by using it.

Mantras are devised to cleanse our mind, body and soul over a period of time. Tantras are different in this case as they provide a more immediate result. So, a combination of tantra mantra is the most effective solution to cure yourself of black magic.

Hindu Scriptures offers volumes of knowledge on occult and metaphysical powers that influence our lives. The tantra mantra to remove black magic is one such knowledge that can help individuals to protect themselves.

There are times you might feel that suddenly life has taken an abrupt turn into a dark side where everything you wish or strive to achieve is being taken away from you and more hurdles and challenges are thrown at you.

It’s quite possible this may be because of some black magic spell cast upon you. Often such spells are cast by the person you know, but it’s hard to figure out who. What you can do though, is protect yourself by using the this tantra.

powerful mantra to remove black magic:

UgraDhumavati Mantra

Mahavidya Dhumavati is worshipped by the Tantriks for the attainment of Siddhis. The Dhumavati mantra is one of the most effective tantra mantra to remove black magic and other obstacles from life.

          ॥dhumdhumdhumavati tantra badhamstambhaynashaytthahtthah॥

Mata Bagalamukhi Mantra

Bagalamukhi Mantra is a powerful shield to guard against your enemies and is believed to bless the Saadhak with good fortune.

॥om hleembagalaa





yhring om swaha॥

The MahaMrityunjaya Mantra

The mahamrityunjaya mantra has an incredible healing force to protect you from all challenges of life and support you all your life.





RITUAL FOR powerful mantra to get rid of black magic:

Hindu Scriptures have considered Coconut and Lemon as a powerful tool to ward off evil spells.

Both Coconut and Lemon has the power to attract positive and negative waves and hence used to defend against evil eyes.

The raja-tama negative waves of the black magic are drawn in and curbed by the sattvikta of the coconut and eventually diffused.

Similarly, the lemonemits subtle vibrations in gaseous form to attract the raja–tama towards themselves and diffuse them.


  • Pick an auspicious day as per Hindu Calendar
  • Wear black clothes to perform the tantra mantra to remove black magic.
  • Procure a photo of Mahavidya Dhumavati. Burn incense sticks in front of the photo.
  • Then,light a ghee lamp before the photo.
  • Keep a Kalash of water in front of the photo.
  • Take rudraksha rosary with 108 beads and chant the Dhumavati mantra for 11 rosary cycle.
  • Now, dip your fingers into the Kalash and sprinkle water onto yourself to remove any black magic.


  • Ask the person you need to protect to sit down and be calm.
  • Take a fresh new lemon but choose the one which doesn’t have lines on them.
  • Hold one lemon in each hand and move your hands around the person in a circular way covering from head to toe in a clockwise manner.
  • Chant any one of the holy mantras as you do it.
  • Now throw the lemons into burning coal. It is important to burn the lemons immediately as the black tantra energy can escape if there’s a delay. It is also advised to burn the lemons rather than throwing it away on streets or in flowing water.
  • As the lemon burns, you can see various effects including emitting violet smoke with a loud noise and the flames will be violent and unsteady. This is a sign that powerful black magic was cast.
  • The person targeted should continue chanting the mantras to completely be cured of the black magic spell.

Although, many mothers and guardians in the house often do the ritual for their loved ones, what we see normally is a diluted version of the tantra mantra to remove black magic ritual.

Most of the essence of the tantra is lost in translation as the black magic tantra process is passed on from mothers to daughters and so on.

To do the ritual right, it is recommended you consult a Hindu Astrologer or Vashikaran Expert, who can protect you from the severity of the black magic, using the tantra mantra. The Vashikaran Expert can diagnose the severity of an evil spell cast upon you and accordingly give a stronger tantra mantra to remove black magic.

The expert can also offer you other forms of solutions including specific pujas to keep you and your loved one protected.

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