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Astrological Remedies For Moving Abroad

Astrological Remedies For Moving Abroad or vastu remedies for going abroad can be solve your problems. If you want totke for getting job in abroad then ask to us, we will provide you powerful mantra to go abroad.

We all look for opportunities to settle abroad. People put all their efforts to attain a visa to the desired country. In addition to that, they also spend a lot of money to facilitate the process.

Astrological Remedies For Moving Abroad

Astrological Remedies For Moving Abroad

Most of us don’t know that bad luck can hinder our success too. Thus, it is essential to use some astrological remedies to expedite the process. Now let us look at some necessary astrological remedies for moving abroad:

Wear the gemstone Gomed: Gomed is a stone which removes the obstacles in your kundali. A poorly positioned Rahu usually creates barriers.

Gomed typically brings out the positive effects of Rahu, which makes your foreign travel more comfortable. Therefore, visit an astrologer soon to understand the unique ‘cut’ that you require.

Keep a fast on Saturdays: Keeping a fast on Saturdays will surely appease Shanidev. You will, therefore, unlock the positive effects of Shani and prosper in life without any hassle. Keeping fast on Saturdays also pleases Rahu and brings it in an advantageous position.

Vaastu Remedies For Going Abroad

Vaastu Remedies For Going Abroad, Many people dream of traveling abroad to pursue a better career and earn more money. In the meantime, Visa rules are getting stricter every day, and people are facing many difficulties to settle abroad.

People, who are looking to settle permanently in aboard, should try the below mentioned Vaastu tips to aid the process:

There is a direction in your house which is associated with foreign trips. The direction is called Vyavya direction.

The aspirant has to remove the obstacles from Vyavya direction to make his international settlement easier. Here are some quick tips to remove Vaastu dosha from the various directions of your house.

Here are some helpful remedies to remove Vaastu doshas from your house to facilitate your foreign settlement:

  • Try sleeping in the Vyavya direction every night to cure the dosha soon. It is also advisable to keep your passport, luggage bags, visa, or other belongings that you want to take abroad in the Vyavya direction. If for some unexplained reason hurdles are coming in your path, employing these methods will surely eliminate them.
  • Removing obstacles from the north direction becomes necessary if you are looking to settle abroad for pursuing education. You are suggested to keep a water body such as an aquarium or a fountain there which will attract positive energy.
  • The east side of your house also plays an important part in aiding your foreign settlement. You are required to keep the east direction of your home well-ventilated to attract positive energy.

Totke For Getting A Job In Abroad

Totke For Getting A Job In Abroad, If you want to get a job elsewhere, you will have to be very consistent with the job search.  Hard work, coupled with good luck, can make your future brighter.

Hard work alone can’t bring you the desired success. You will need to execute a few astrological totke for getting a job abroad. Here are some expert advised astrological remedies for aiding the process of settling abroad:

  • Chant the Rahu or Shani Mantra: Rahu and Shani are the crucial planets that, if adverse, can cause a lot of trouble. If the native has Rahu or Shani in 3rd, 9th or the 10th house in his chart, chanting their stotras will please them. Once they are pleased, you are unlikely to face any issues in settling abroad.
  • Donate to a sick person: In the same manner, as above, it is advisable to donate a coconut or Urad daal to a needy person. This will appease Shanidev, and your foreign travel will be accelerated.
  • Wear Rudraksha: Wearing Rudraksha can help eliminate negativities. Rudraksha was highly praised in the old Hindu scriptures for its beneficial properties. Rudraksha is a unique seed which is available in only some selected places of India. We advise you to wear Rudraksha for a significant period for removing hurdles from your path.
  • Worship Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha: Both of them are the highly revered gods in Hinduism. It is said that appeasing Lord Shiva or Lord Ganesha can make a person prosper in life. Furthermore, by worshipping Lord Shiva or Ganesha, you are simultaneously pleasing Shanidev.

Powerful Mantras To Go Abroad

Powerful Mantras To Go Abroad, There are many auspicious mantras that a person should chant in case he desires to relocate in a foreign country. Chanting a mantra is the simplest procedure to boost your success.

Generally, when you chant a mantra, you are appealing the targeted god for ensuring prosperity. Chanting a mantra can fill you with divine power to deal with all the hardships.

Read Durga Saptashati: Reading the 11th chapter of Durga Saptashati can turn around your life. It helps to ward off all the negative effects of Rahu from your kundali. Further, there are a few rules to recite Durga Saptashati. You can seek the help of an expert astrologer to understand the rules.

Recite the Rahu stotram: To receive the favorable effects of Rahu, you should recite the Rahu stotram every day. This is the only way to increase your chances to settle overseas sooner. It is advisable to chant the Rahu stotra for at least 108 times in a day to see the results.

Chant the Shri Shiv Mantra: It is already mentioned above that pleasing Lord Shiva is very important. Chanting the Shiva mantra has miraculous benefits. Shiva mantra is chanted by individuals to remove stress or sorrow.

Shiva is the symbol of both destruction and mercy. It is also said that he is appeased very easily. Hence, chanting the powerful Shri Shiv mantra once in a day will remove all the obstacles that the aspirant may be facing.

Chant the Kalabhairava Ashtakam Stotram: lastly, chanting the Kalabhairava ashtakam stotram can nullify the harmful effects of Rahu. Chant it regularly to boost your chances of settling abroad.

These are the widely used astrological methods for foreign settlement. If you follow these methods, you will also benefit from these.

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