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Easy Binding Love Spells

Easy Binding Love Spells or make someone love you can be use with photos that work fast. Our love binding spells using blood is most strong and fast.

Love- A most beautiful feeling exists on this earth. With pure and straightforward sentiments for another one. Do you ever fall in love? Think and ask yourself, then only answer us.

Most of you may fall into an attraction but called it love. Nowadays, people named attraction as love. But does user even know the difference between both?

Easy Binding Love Spells

Easy Binding Love Spells

Attraction stays for a little while when a person who attracted towards you gets fed up, then he or she left you for no reason. Yes, you may receive rights from that person’s end, but they all are lame and fake reasons, which does not make any sense of reality.

Love is a feeling which can’t beat any other emotion; if it is strong, then you may achieve anything with its power. This feeling is a never-ending emotion, which considered as pure and simple. Once you start loves someone, you will not be able to forget him.

But are there any chances of being getting separated even after falling for each other? Yes, there are, you can’t predict them.

We all always wanted to get bind in love with the person, to whom we love the most. We do not want to leave his or her side. Try to give our hundred percent love and support to the person. So, no one can separate us.

Today in this article, we are going to suggest you some spells, with the help of them you may able to bind your love forever

Binding Love Spells With Photos That Work Fast

Binding Love Spells With Photos That Work Fast, But what about those who are actually in love. These people always have a fear of separation; they are still curious to bind their love without any hassles. They want to continue their relationship for last forever until last breath without any problem.

  • How to bind your lover with you?

Perform the spell which given below. It will help you to bind your love with you forever until your last breath. Perform with all your faith


  • Red Candle
  • Picture Of your lover
  • Incense oil or perfume


Perform this spell on Tuesday, you may perform this on any other day too, but on those days,  it does not have much power. Take a picture of the person whom you want to bind with you forever.

Anoint a candle with incense oil or perfume and light it next to the picture of your lover. Perform this spell at night, before you go to take sleep

Recite the spells, when candle would burn. As follows:

I love this person; and I want this person loves me back as I do. now I want this person; this person also wants me again as I do. May my desires come true for this person bring my fate to me.

Now let the candle burn itself, and your concentration must be on it. Let it burn out itself. When it gets burn out, take the picture and place it where you can take a look whenever you want but any other person will not able to see it.

Love Binding Spells Using Blood

Love Binding Spells Using Blood, Many of us are always dreaming about a true love who can stay by our side forever. As we know, it may difficult to find, but yes, some of you are lucky to find it.

Love is everywhere; all you need to find it, with your open eyes. But with the person whom you are living or committed to a person, must have a love for each another.

Sometimes, due to natural disasters or any other incident, we lost the person to whom we love. Or probably there are chances of losing that particular person from our life.

  • How to bind someone forever with you?

Today we are going to mention you a spell, by which you can bind you to love with you until your last breath or forever.


  • Your Menstrual Blood
  • Container
  • Picture of your love
  • Dessert


On your menstrual cycle, collect your blood in a bowl. Take a photo of the person whom you want to bind in respect with you.

Now put that photo into the blood all over. Recite the below-mentioned spell for three times:

My love will flow to me, as my flowing blood. Come to me as I give my blood to you.

Now take out the photo from the container. Mix that same blood in any food. Try to mix it in any sweet dish.

Serve this dessert to the man, with whom you want to bind your relation forever. But make sure only that person will have the sweet, not anyone else

Binding Spell To Make Someone Love You

Binding Spell To Make Someone Love You, Want to secure your love permanently? Yes, it is possible. Most of you want a relationship with your partner in which you will bind with him or her forever, until your last breath.

Nowadays, you only see couples with attraction rather than love. As they often fall in love every day. One can’t fall in love after a short period. Such things do not call love; they must know as a joke or fake love or so-called love or the real name – Attraction.

You can’t bind someone with you to fall in love. If a person does not want to love you, then your efforts are worthless. But if a person likes you and wants to stay by your side forever, then you can put your efforts for it

  • How to bind someone with you to love you forever?


  • Container or Jar
  • Your lover’s hair
  • Your lover’s used or touched piece of cloth
  • Honey
  • Picture of your lover


Take a snapshot of your love. If you have his or her hair as well as a used piece of fabric by that person.

Now put the hair on the picture and wrap it with the help of a cloth. Pour honey all over the fabric, so it gets wet and soaks in the syrup.

Put that honey cloth in a jar container and place it near your window. Now chant the below spell:

Honey bring my honey back, as this picture dissolved into a syrup

Now as the film gets dissolved into the honey within a few days, your love will get more attracted towards you and at last gets bind into your love.

Powerful Love Spells Using Hair

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